Tyco Sprinklers

Guardian Fire Protection Services has been the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC area’s leading fire protection services company for over 40 years. We inspect, repair, or service high quality fire sprinkler systems manufactured by Tyco. Tyco sprinklers are designed to handle a variety of fire hazards and emergencies and are available in standard spray, extended coverage, and dry pipe models.

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Tyco Fire Sprinkler Design

Tyco fire sprinkler systems come in a variety of styles, including upright, pendent, recessed pendent, and horizontal sidewall:


Commonly used in rooms without a drop ceiling (carparks, mechanical rooms, etc.), upright sprinkler heads face upwards and discharge water in a dome-shaped pattern underneath the head. Upright fire sprinklers from Tyco allow for more flexibility in branch line elevation and are better protected against accidental damage or tampering than other types of sprinkler heads.


Pendent sprinkler heads can be thought of as upright sprinklers upside-down – rather than facing up toward the ceiling, they are inverted and face the floor. Pendant sprinklers are commonly used in areas with a drop ceiling as they prevent water from spraying onto the ceiling material.

Horizontal Sidewall

Used in lieu of pendent or upright sprinklers due to aesthetics, building construction, or economic considerations, horizontal sidewall sprinkler heads are designed for compact installation along a wall or on the side of a beam just beneath a smooth ceiling. Piping for horizontal sidewall sprinkler heads can be confined to corridors, closets, or service areas. Horizontal sidewall sprinkler heads can be used in light hazard applications (defined by NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R). They cannot be used for residential applications.

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Tyco Standard Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems

Tyco TY-L Sprinkler System

Available in horizontal sidewall, upright, pendent, or recessed pendent fire sprinkler head models, the Tyco TY-L sprinkler system is a standard response sprinkler system suitable for all fire hazard levels and designed for use in nursing homes, hotels, and hospitals.

TycoTY-FRL Sprinkler System

Typically used in office buildings, hotels, motels, and other commercial and industrial applications, the TY-FRL Tyco sprinkler systemisbuilt to quickly respond to light and ordinary hazard level fires. Tyco TY-FRL fire sprinklers are available in pendent, recessed pendent, upright, and horizontal sidewall designs.

TycoTY-B Sprinkler System

Designed for light, ordinary, and extra fire hazard levels, the TY-B Tyco sprinkler heads are designed for use in banks, shopping malls, and hotels, as well as more industrially-oriented facilities such as factories, refineries, and chemical plants.

Tyco Extended Coverage Fire Sprinkler Systems

Tyco EC-25 Sprinkler System

The EC-25 Tyco sprinkler head is a standard response fire sprinkler suitable for all levels of fire hazards. The EC-25 is made for high density applications such as big box retail facilities, furniture storage, warehousing applications, and similar extra hazard areas.

Tyco EC-5 Sprinkler System

The EC-5 Tyco sprinkler head is a quick response fire sprinkler designed for light duty fire hazard applications. Pendent, recessed pendent, and horizontal sidewall Tyco sprinkler styles are all available.

Tyco Dry Sprinkler Systems

Tyco DS-C Sprinkler System

The DS-C sprinkler head is designed for all levels of fire hazards. The dry pipe fire system holds no water in the pipes until a fire breaks out. Because no water sits in the pipes, the DS-C Tyco sprinkler is perfectly suited for rooms or buildings where sprinklers and connecting pipes may be exposed to freezing temperatures or where the sprinkler system must be seasonally drained.

Tyco DC-ECC Sprinkler System

The DS-ECC Tyco sprinkler is a standard, quick-response dry fire sprinkler designed to provide extra coverage for both light and ordinary hazards. Like the DS-C Tyco sprinkler head, the DS-ECC Tyco sprinkler contains a seal at the bottom of the main pipe to prevent water from entering the pipes when the sprinkler is not activated. As a result, the DC-ECC Tyco sprinkler is optimal for places where freezing temperatures could freeze the water inside the sprinkler pipes and potentially cause the pipes to burst.

For full-coverage fire protection, nothing beats a Tyco fire sprinkler system. Guardian Fire Protection can inspect and service your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC Tyco fire sprinkler system so your equipment, your data, and your building will be protected from fire at all times. If you need service on a Tyco sprinkler system, call Guardian Fire Protection today!

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