Fire Alarm Systems

A fully functional fire alarm system is vital to your business. Whether you have a system or need a new one, Guardian Fire Protection can handle your fire alarm services, including inspection, repair, and monitoring.

We’ve been the leading fire protection company in Maryland, DC, and Virginia for over 40 years. When you partner with us, you’ll always receive superior service and products.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire alarm systems require routine testing to ensure they’re ready to alert your employees and customers during a fire. Guardian Fire Protection can perform a professional inspection of your fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Repair

Fire alarm systems can break down over time and need repair. When your system doesn’t function properly, rely on Guardian Fire Protection to fix the problem. We’ll diagnose and resolve the issues, ensuring that your alarms are ready when needed.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

It’s critical to ensure you and your employees are notified of a fire emergency and given plenty of time to evacuate while the system calls the fire department. If you want 24-hour monitoring for your fire alarm system, call Guardian Fire Protection.

Contact Guardian Fire Protection at (301) 861-0972 to request fire alarm services.


It depends on the service being performed. If issues that need repair are found during an inspection, we may need to revisit the property to complete the work.

It’s always good to install a smoke detector in each room. Any space could experience a fire, and it’s best to have a system that detects smoke quickly, no matter where a fire begins.

Visual checks by maintenance or other employees should be performed every week. Annual inspections by trained, certified, and competent inspection specialists are required to remain code-compliant with fire safety. These inspections must be completed by trained and certified inspection specialists.


Our Fire Protection Service Area

We service fire protection equipment for businesses throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.