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ANSUL® is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Protection Products. You can only purchase ANSUL products from qualified distributors like Guardian Fire Protection, and we are proud to be a trusted member of their Diamond Alliance Partner Program. We offer full installation, maintenance, testing, inspections, and replacement parts for all ANSUL fire protection products, including:

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SENTRY Fire Extinguishers

The SENTRY brand product line from ANSUL features many types of fire extinguishing agents to meet your needs. Choose from dry chemical, carbon dioxide, and water fire extinguishers in special configurations, such as high-flow, corrosion-resistant, and low-profile. SENTRY fire extinguishers are lightweight, durable, and reliable, making them a favorite for commercial building owners.

The SENTRY fire extinguishers available from Guardian Fire Protection come with six-year limited warranties and are rechargeable for decades of use. Turn to us for all the fire extinguisher services you need, including:

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PIRANHA Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

ANSUL products protect more restaurants and commercial kitchens than any other brand. The PIRANHA brand line is the only wet chemical-plus-water fire suppression hybrid system available today. Capable of outperforming all conventional single-agent systems, the PIRANHA dual-agent fire suppression system cools the temperature of burning grease 15 times faster, and it more effectively prevents fires from reigniting.

PIRANHA systems from ANSUL are extremely flexible, with a variety of sizes and configurations designed to expand coverage over the entire commercial kitchen. High-proximity nozzles are also available to help meet the need for more aesthetically pleasing cooking and dining areas.

Guardian Fire Protection offers the following services for PIRANHA kitchen fire suppression systems:

R-102 Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The ANSUL R-102 fire suppression system is suitable for all modern commercial kitchen applications found in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other similar buildings. The system utilizes an extremely effective ANSULEX low pH liquid agent to quickly knock down flames and cool hot surfaces.

ANSULEX is only used in R-102 fire suppression systems. It’s a non-toxic method for containing and extinguishing grease fires. The resulting vapor-securing blanket also helps prevent re-flash.

The optional Overlapping Appliance Protection nozzle configuration is flexible and simple. The nozzles are arranged in a straight line, providing overlapping ANSULEX discharge to create a virtual fire-free zone in your kitchen. This way, if you replace or rearrange your commercial appliances, you know they’re still fully protected in case of fire.

R-102 fire suppression systems come with a five-year manufacturer warranty and must be repaired by a qualified ANSUL distributor like Guardian Fire Protection. We provide the following services for R-102 kitchen fire suppression systems:

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