Our Team

Guardian Fire Protection Services is your single source for fire safety solutions. We have been proudly protecting businesses for over 40 years. We want to make sure employees, properties, and valuables are safe from the dangers of potential fires.

Why partner with Guardian Fire Protection? The core success of our business lies in our team members’ continued passion for the fire safety industry!

9,000+ Customer Locations
Serviced Annually
33,000+ 33,000+ Fire Safety Services
Completed Annually

Our Values

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With 2 offices in Maryland, our team of fire safety specialists service commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms systems, special hazard systems, fire extinguishers, and exit and emergency lighting. We inspect, repair, design, install and monitor fire protection equipment for businesses throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.
Customer Focused
At Guardian Fire Protection, we are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction! We take pride in the “customer first” reputation we’ve built the past 40 years. Our customers trust us to guide them through the process of meeting fire protection code requirements and keeping their businesses fire safe.
We are committed to protecting properties and valuables from fire hazards and ensuring our customers' businesses meet fire safety codes. Our technicians are involved in extensive training and certified to perform inspections, repairs, installations, or monitoring fire protection equipment for various industry businesses.
Our team is focused on building lasting relationships with our customers and offer 24-hour emergency support. We are continually growing through our internal sales and marketing activities, strong reputation and business acquisitions. Keeping businesses, employees, and their customers fire safe is our top priority!
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