Fire Protection for Automotive Facilities

From the dangers of heavy machinery and countless metal objects to highly flammable materials like rubber and gasoline, automotive facilities carry significant fire risks that make fire protection a clear priority. 

Guardian Fire Protection provides expert inspections, testing, and installations of enhanced fire protection systems, customized according to the needs of gas stations, car dealerships, repair shops, and more.

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Fire Alarm Systems

A quality fire alarm system is the cornerstone of protection for the mechanics, sales team members, production line workers, and customers who come to your facility daily.

Guardian Fire Protection’s complete fire alarm systems are available with many options customizable for your unique business needs. We provide a comprehensive range of fire alarm services, from needs assessment to 24/7 monitoring.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential for any business. Guardian Fire Protection can help you select the ideal types of fire extinguishers to install based on your unique needs. We also offer inspections, testingrepair, and maintenance to ensure your fire extinguishers are ready for a fire emergency.

Plus, we provide in-depth fire extinguisher training, so your staff can put out small fires before real damage is done.

Fire Sprinkler Systems & Fire Pumps

With so many hazards and flammable materials, a fire sprinkler system is a necessity for automotive facilities. Guardian Fire Protection offers monitoring services, 24/7 protection via automatic fire sprinklers, and fire pumps for automotive facilities.

A properly maintained sprinkler system will switch on to prevent a fire from worsening and spreading to other areas. This safeguard can prevent the extensive loss, property damage, and expenses resulting from a fire.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

A quick and easy evacuation during a fire can make the difference between having no injuries and experiencing a crushing tragedy. Guardian Fire Protection’s exit and emergency lighting solutions will protect your automotive facility by clearly directing your employees and customers to safety.

We also offer regular maintenance, repair, and inspections to ensure your lighting works when needed. 

Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

The unique fire hazards of the automotive industry require targeted fire suppression systems designed to detect and handle fires quickly.

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