Kitchen Fire Suppression Repair

Protecting your commercial kitchen is essential to your business. Not only do you want to avoid severe damage, but you need to keep your property up to code. Guardian Fire Protection offers comprehensive commercial kitchen fire suppression systems.

As a single source for all fire protection services, we’re experts in commercial fire protection. Our fire safety professionals are dedicated to protecting lives and business investments. You can depend on our team, no matter your kitchen fire suppression needs.

When you need repairs for your kitchen fire suppression system, rely on our team. Call (301) 861-0972 today to schedule service.

Signs Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System Needs Repair

Thankfully, many commercial kitchen fire suppression repair needs are visible. Our team recommends that you schedule some time outside of your facility’s business hours once a month to look for these signs that your system needs repairs:

  • Loose piping or copper tubing
  • System cartridges haven’t been replaced since the expiration
  • Corroded or under-pressurized tanks
  • Clogged nozzles
  • The automatic actuation switch doesn’t function
  • Remote pull stations are ineffective

What Are the Benefits of Performing Repairs?

  • System works properly
  • Meet insurance policy requirements
  • Ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and property
  • Comply with local government requirements and fire safety codes

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection & Maintenance

You can keep your kitchen fire suppression system in great shape and avoid catastrophic fires with the right actions. Our team offers kitchen fire suppression system inspection and maintenance for various businesses.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Choose Guardian Fire Protection for Kitchen Fire Suppression System Repairs

When you need a company that can serve as your single source for all fire protection services for your business, contact Guardian Fire Protection. Our professionals aim to help businesses in various industries flourish by giving them the fire protection tools and resources they need.

You can rest assured that Guardian Fire Protection experts have the experience and knowledge to make sure your employees, customers, and valuables are protected against fire hazards.

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Typically, a fire suppression system can work well for decades, but maintenance and inspections are vital. All parts should be checked every few years to ensure proper function.

A few common problems can arise that make it obvious you need repairs. Call Guardian Fire Protection if your system makes odd sounds, leaks water or fire suppressant, or fails to go off if a fire breaks out.