Fire Protection Services for Manufacturing Facilities

At Guardian Fire Protection, we offer comprehensive fire protection solutions tailored to every customer’s specific needs, including the many unique challenges manufacturing facilities face in maintaining safety preparedness.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a crucial first line of defense against the spread of fire in your facility. Fire extinguishers are divided into five classes targeting different types of fires, with many extinguishers offering combination coverage of multiple classes.

Determining the proper models and placement for safe coverage of your facility can be challenging, as the presence of different materials, room layouts, relevant codes, and more can all govern the best locations and types for your property’s protection.

Our expert team at Guardian Fire Protection can help you navigate the complexities of the process and get the extinguishers you need where you need them.

Fire Sprinklers

Sprinklers are one of the most vital safety measures in nearly every building, and manufacturing facilities are no exception. Properly placed and maintained fire sprinklers can be relied on in many cases to prevent the spread of fire and smoke damage and, in other cases, offer occupants the time they need to escape safely. 

Fire sprinklers provide 24/7 protection, releasing water only in the necessary areas to douse a growing fire. As they release only in limited areas in response to heat, you see only the response you need from your system. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a reliable sprinkler system in good working condition to the overall fire protection of your facility.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Maintaining effectively lit and marked exits and exit routes is a major consideration for any manufacturing facility for safety purposes, even before considering its role in code compliance and how common it is as a source of compliance failures.

Most facilities are required to adhere to NFPA 101 standards, which require emergency exits to comply with a number of standards governing lighting requirements, sign placement, and more. 

Proper exit and emergency lighting are vital components of the safe evacuation of any facility in an emergency, helping occupants escape in an organized, effective manner, even in the event of power loss. 

Why Choose Guardian Fire Protection?

At Guardian Fire Protection, we’re committed to delivering unmatched quality of care and support for our customers. You can expect only the best in fire safety solutions, product quality, design and installation, and customer service, with our team helping you.

We always strive to uphold our key values so our customers can rest easier when choosing our team. 

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