Fire Sprinkler System Services

Fire sprinklers can make a big difference in the safety of your commercial property. Guardian Fire Protection offers fire sprinkler system inspections and repairs. We work closely with each property owner to ensure they have a proper system in place based on their unique needs.

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Fire Sprinkler System Inspections & Testing

Keeping your fire sprinklers working correctly is essential for your safety.

We perform comprehensive inspections of your system to ensure code compliance. We’ll complete inspections that follow NFPA25, the standard for inspecting, testing, and maintaining water-based fire protection systems.

Make sure your fire sprinklers are up to code with help from our experts.

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Fire Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance

Over time, a fire sprinkler system can break down and need repairs. If your system isn’t working right, it may be time for maintenance or repairs.

Our team has the tools and training needed to identify problem areas of your fire sprinkler system. From minor repairs to major overhauls, our team has done it all and can provide exactly what you need.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Why Choose Us?

Our team has delivered exceptional fire protection services throughout Maryland for countless clients. We believe in working closely with each client to understand their needs before performing our work.

We bring over 40 years of knowledge and skill to every service, ensuring you receive services and products that are second to none. Rely on us for all your fire sprinkler service needs.


Despite common beliefs, sprinklers aren’t activated by smoke but by heat. When the sprinkler reaches a determined temperature, it will activate.

Only the heads exposed to the heat will activate, unlike in movies when all sprinkler heads turn on simultaneously. Also, smoke detectors don’t cause sprinklers to go off; they only emit noise when sensing smoke.

If the triggering mechanism breaks off the sprinkler, it immediately discharges the fire suppressant. An additional head guard can be installed to help deter this, but it depends on the incident.

Your commercial fire sprinkler system should be inspected according to NFPA standards and the authority having jurisdiction. These inspections must be performed by a licensed and trained technician.

No. If too much heat is sensed by specific sprinklers, they will go off, but other sprinklers that are cool enough will not activate.