Kidde Fire Systems

When it comes to protecting your business from a fire emergency, Kidde Fire is one of the most reliable fire protection brands on the market today. Since the early 1900s, Kidde has been known for introducing innovative products to the fire protection industry, including the first portable CO2 fire extinguisher. As a global leader in the fire protection industry, Kidde offers quality fire safety products from alarm systems to kitchen suppression systems that will keep you and your employees safe during any fire emergency. As the largest manufacturer of fire protection solutions, you can’t go wrong by choosing Kidde Fire Systems.

We are a trusted Kidde dealer, and we help businesses throughout Maryland (MD), Washington, DC and Virginia (VA) select and install the Kidde fire protection products that meet their needs. If you already have a Kidde suppression system and would like to get it inspected or maintained, contact Guardian fire Protection today to schedule an appointment!

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Kidde Fire Suppression Systems

When it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, why not choose the world leader in special hazard system solutions? As the fire protection supplier with the largest suppression agent portfolio in the industry, Kidde has a fire prevention solution to meet any and all of your company’s fire system needs. With Kidde fire suppression systems, you’ll be able to quickly contain a fire and protect even your most highly sensitive equipment without leaving a scratch.

The Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System provides a range of options based on your needs—including total flooding in unoccupied rooms, local release or hand-hose line.

If you are looking for a more “green” suppression system, check out Kidde’s collection of Clean Agent Systems, including FM-200 systems, which quickly release the environmentally friendly agent to suppress the fire in less than 10 seconds without leaving any deposits to clean up afterwards, minimizing your business’s downtime after a fire emergency.

Are you in the Maryland (MD), Washington, DC, Virginia (VA) or West Virginia (WV) area and want to learn more about how to protect your valuables with a Kidde fire suppression system? Contact Guardian Fire Protection to schedule an estimate today! Already have a Kidde fire suppression system? Our fire protection company inspects Kidde fire suppression systems to ensure your business is always protected during a fire emergency.

Kidde Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial kitchens are naturally at a higher risk of facing potential fires, so having one of the leading quality brands by your side at all times is essential. Exceeding UL 300 and NFPA standards, Kidde’s WHDR Wet Chemical System provides your kitchen with all-day protection for your kitchen’s ducts and hood and is designed to eliminate fires quickly and efficiently.

Have a restaurant in the MD-DC-VA-WV area? Contact Guardian Fire Protection to install or inspect a Kidde fire suppression system today!

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Kidde Authorized Dealer

Guardian Fire Protection is an authorized dealer for Kidde fire suppression systems. Whether you need a completely new fire suppression system installed or an inspection of a current Kidde fire suppression system, our fire protection company can help you! We carry all parts manufactured by Kidde including Kidde nozzles, break rods, refill fluid, fusible links, cartridges, hydro-tested bottles and burst discs to repair your Kidde fire suppression system and get it back to doing what it does best – protecting your business.

Guardian Fire professionals are ready to support your Maryland (MD), Washington, DC, Virginia (VA) or West Virginia (WV) organization’s fire protection systems and service requests 24 hours a day. Call now for more information about our Kidde fire systems.

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