Fire Protection for Museums in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC

When it comes to fascinating museums, Washington, DC is in a class of its own. The National Air and Space Museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Smithsonian National Postal Museum, and many others are found here. All museums have one thing in common—they require fire protection measures to keep their artifacts safe. This includes installing the proper fire protection equipment and following an effective fire prevention plan.

Guardian Fire Protection has experience protecting a variety of museums and other commercial spaces with delicate equipment and artifacts. You can count on us to keep your museum safe, even if an emergency occurs.

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Fire Protection Equipment for Museums in MD, VA & DC

Fire is one of the most dangerous disasters that can strike a museum. After all, once an artifact is burned, there’s no chance of recovering it. To reduce the probability of losing something priceless in a fire, make sure your museum in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC has the following fire protection equipment in place:

  • Fire alarms: Blazes give off heat and smoke, which is what sets off your alarms. This sounds a building-wide alarm, promoting a safe, timely evacuation. With hundreds of guests in your museum at any time, this is an invaluable life safety system.
  • Fire suppression: Automatic fire suppression systems are designed to react quickly to flames, extinguishing them before they can spread. Best of all, clean agent fire suppression is available to smother flames without water. This may be extremely important for preserving the artifacts in your museum.
  • Sprinkler systems: Modern museums often feature fire sprinklers as a backup or supplement to clean agent fire suppression. Pre-action fire sprinklers may be the best choice because they require a two-stage trigger to activate, minimizing the potential for water damage.
  • Fire extinguishers: By law, your museum must feature an adequate number of portable fire extinguishers. This gives employees the opportunity to suppress a small fire and prevent it from getting out of hand.
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Creating a Fire Prevention Plan for Your Museum

Installing fire protection equipment is a big step in your fire safety efforts, but you must go one step further and prevent fires from igniting in the first place. Here’s what you should include in your museum’s written fire prevention plan:

  • Maintain good housekeeping: Keeping your museum tidy doesn’t just appeal to guests—it also makes the building safer. For instance, unobstructed hallways and emergency exits ensure a fast evacuation. Then, electrical closets and equipment rooms without combustible storage items prevent a stray spark from starting a fire.
  • Train employees: Make sure museum staff members are aware of ignition and fuel sources in the building. Then, train them to take steps that reduce fire hazards. This might include using electrical wiring and appliances safely, as well as restricting smoking to outside the building.
  • Maintain all equipment: Heating and electrical systems are common causes of fire in museums. By maintaining this equipment, you reduce the chance of a malfunction that could lead to overheating or a stray spark. You should also inspect and test your fire protection equipment to ensure every component operates correctly in an emergency.

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