Fire Alarm Services in Annandale, VA

Early fire detection is crucial for keeping your Annandale building safe from fire. In fact, having a working fire alarm increases the chance of survival in a fire by as much as 50 percent! If you need a fire alarm installed or your existing system serviced, Guardian Fire Protection is here to serve you. We maximize your safety and compliance by following NFPA 72 along with local Virginia and Annandale fire codes.

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Our Fire Alarm Services in Annandale, VA

The highly qualified experts at Guardian Fire Protection provide a whole range of fire alarm services for our customers in Annandale, including:

Fire Alarm Design and Installation

Your fire alarm system is comprised of far more than just strobe lights, horns, and an annunciator panel. For your fire alarm to be effective, you need the certified professionals at Guardian Fire Protection to design and engineer a system with code compliance in mind.

Then, we obtain the necessary permits and perform a professional fire alarm installation. Finally, we test all equipment, devices, and wiring to ensure everything is functioning as intended.

Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing

You never know when a fire might strike. That’s why NFPA 72 requires annual fire alarm inspections and testing. The technicians at Guardian Fire Protection follow UL-certified fire alarm testing protocols during each routine check. Here is what’s involved:

  • Test all equipment and devices for proper function, including manual pull stations, strobe lights and horns, smoke and heat detectors, in-duct detectors, annunciator and control panels, and backup batteries.
  • Clean components as necessary to maximize performance.
  • Inspect notification appliances for code compliance.

At the end of testing, we provide you with NFPA completion and testing documentation for your records.

Fire Alarm Service and Repair

Sometimes, fire alarms act up. The most noticeable malfunction is when the system triggers false alarms that disrupt daily business operations. You may also detect problems with the batteries, cables, annunciator or control panel, or other components of your fire alarm system.

Don’t hesitate to call Guardian Fire Protection if you ever need fire alarm repair. We also offer 24-hour emergency service to ensure your system is never down for long.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

This optional feature of a fire alarm system immediately alerts a central monitoring station if your fire alarm goes off. The station then notifies the fire department of your emergency to initiate a speedy dispatch to your location. Guardian Fire Protection offers fire alarm monitoring services via a UL-approved monitoring center.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Why Choose Guardian Fire Protection for Fire Alarm Services in Annandale?

After over 30 years in the business, Guardian Fire Protection has the experience needed to perform comprehensive fire protection services for businesses, schools, restaurants, government buildings, and other commercial settings. Your safety is our number one focus, so we’ll meticulously design your fire alarm to maximize effectiveness. We’ll also scrutinize your existing system and recommend improvements if necessary to improve code compliance and safety.

We take pride in our “customer first” reputation, so you can trust that we’ll listen closely to your desires and concerns, doing everything possible to protect your property and people from fire. We are also proud of our comprehensive service offerings. Whether you only require fire alarm services, or you also need to order a new fire extinguisher and have your fire pump inspected, Guardian Fire Protection can get it done!

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