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Fire alarms are one of the most important life safety devices in your commercial building. That’s why it’s vital to hire a certified fire protection professional to install, test, repair, and monitor your system!

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Guardian Fire Protection is your number one source for fire alarm services in Baltimore, MD that keep your building safe day and night. We also ensure your complete compliance with NFPA 72 and all applicable Maryland fire codes.

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Our Fire Alarm Services in Baltimore, MD

Our highly qualified technicians complete end-to-end services for every component of your fire alarm system. Call us whenever you need the following:

Design & Installation

A fire alarm system is comprised of fire detection devices, notification appliances, annunciator and control panels, and many other components that remain out of sight. For all of these elements to work together correctly, you need a certified professional like Guardian Fire Protection to design and engineer your system.

The process begins with making drawings, drafting plans, and calculating battery and wiring requirements. Then, we perform a professional fire alarm installation, which concludes with a test of all equipment, devices, and wiring to ensure everything is working properly.

Inspections & Testing

To remain code-compliant, you must schedule annual fire alarm inspections and testing. We fulfill this requirement for you by following UL-certified testing protocols. Here’s what an inspection from Guardian Fire Protection entails:

  • Test all equipment and devices for proper function.
  • Clean various components as necessary for maximum performance.
  • Complete all checks with code compliance in mind.
  • Provide the customer with NFPA completion and testing documentation.

Fire Alarm System Repairs

Even an expertly installed fire alarm can act up sometimes. False alarms are the most conspicuous malfunction, though other hidden problems with the batteries, cables, and annunciator or control panel can also occur.

If you spot any problems with your system, give Guardian Fire Protection a call. We also offer 24-hour emergency service when you need us at night or on the weekend!

Fire Alarm Monitoring

As an added layer of safety for your building, you may want to invest in UL-approved fire alarm monitoring services from Guardian Fire Protection. A monitored fire alarm sends an automatic alert to a central monitoring station when your alarm activates.

The station then notifies the fire department that you’re having an emergency. This facilitates an immediate dispatch of fire trucks to your location, eliminating the need to make the call yourself during a high-stress time.

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With over 30 years of experience providing complete fire protection services in Baltimore, Guardian Fire Protection is more than qualified to design, install, and service your fire alarm. Our clients include stores, schools, restaurants, government buildings, and many other commercial applications. Trust our certified team to carefully design a new fire alarm for your building or analyze your existing system and recommend improvements as needed.

We take a “customer first” approach to every service we provide, so expect us to listen closely to your desires and concerns. Then, we’ll do everything in our power to protect your property and people from fire. We do it all, so turn to us  for fire alarm services, fire suppression estimates, fire hydrant inspections, or other fire protection services.

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