Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services in MD, DC & VA

No matter what efforts you take to make your restaurant safe from fire, there’s always a chance a blaze could break out. This is simply the nature of commercial kitchens, what with their high cooking temperatures, flammable oils, and hectic environment. Fortunately, a Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system is just what you need to operate your restaurant with peace of mind.

At Guardian Fire Protection, we do not distribute, install, or replace Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression systems, but we do service them. If you need inspection services for your Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system, you can count on us.

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What Is a Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

Range Guard is a wet chemical kitchen fire suppression system from Badger. It provides around-the-clock fire detection for commercial kitchens using highly advanced wet chemical technology to suppress flames almost instantly and prevent them from reflashing. Range Guard was the first UL-listed wet chemical fire suppression system and has been around for nearly four decades, proving its ability to perform optimally during kitchen fires.

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What Are the Benefits of a Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

In the past, kitchen fires were a common cause of total restaurant losses. Today, kitchen fire suppression systems drastically reduce property damage from fire and make restaurants far safer. For this reason, they have become a mandatory aspect of code compliance.

In addition to complying with fire codes, here are the top reasons why a Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system is a must in your commercial kitchen:

  • Maximum kitchen fire protection with minimum hassle: Specialized nozzles with optional swivel adaptors provide superior coverage. With professional annual inspections, you can trust the system to watch for fires constantly and activate automatically when needed to stop the flames from spreading. This can prevent your restaurant from suffering extensive damage and save lives in the process.
  • Automatic appliance shut-off: Range Guard is designed to automatically turn off your cooking appliances when the system detects a fire, instantly removing the heat source and making it easier for the suppression equipment to stop the fire’s growth.
  • Saponification: The wet chemical fire suppression agent that Range Guard uses provides excellent saponification, which means it converts the burning fat and grease into soap so they can’t reignite. Once the area cools, you can simply wipe the soap away with no other mess to clean up. This minimizes downtime and allows you to reopen your restaurant for business sooner.
  • Highly customizable: Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems can be adjusted to fit any commercial kitchen layout. Best of all, it’s usually possible to incorporate the system’s components directly into your existing fire suppression system, making future updates, upgrades, and improvements much simpler and more cost-effective.

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Special Features of Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression

Range Guard offers several special features that separate it from other kitchen fire suppression systems, including:

  • Six state-of-the-art heat detectors with an operating and storage temperature of 0 degrees F to 120 degrees F
  • Flexible piping configurations to ease installation
  • Factory-filled stored pressure cylinders with chrome-plated valves
  • Option to pipe cylinders together to minimize installation costs
  • Pressure gauges incorporated directly into the valves for at-a-glance readiness status
  • Features to prevent blockage during discharge, including internal strainers and foil bursting discs
  • Optional swivel adapters for nozzles
  • Multiple color schemes available to match the features of your commercial kitchen, including black or chrome-plated with stainless steel piping, or stainless steel with brass piping

Our Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression Services

Guardian Fire Protection offers comprehensive kitchen fire suppression services for customers who have a Range Guard system installed.

These services include:

  • Ongoing inspections, maintenance, and testing
  • System repairs
  • System upgrades and replacements

If you’re ready to schedule services for your Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system, please contact Guardian Fire Protection online or call (301) 861-0972. We serve customers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.