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Will Having a Fire Sprinkler Help Reduce Insurance Premiums?

Posted on: October 26, 2012

Fire sprinklers require continuous maintenance, but there’s good news: not only will they keep your building safe from fires, but in many cases they can help you get a sizable discount on your insurance premiums!“If you have an alarm or sprinkler system, your rates will most likely be less,” according to an article on Nationwide brand insurance’s website. Those premium discounts can come from two areas: installation and inspection.

Insurance Benefits from Fire Sprinkler Inspection

If you have a fire sprinkler in your building, it’s extremely important that you have it inspected and tested once a year. Since your fire sprinkler (hopefully) doesn’t go off very often, the only way you can be sure it works properly is by having an inspection from Guardian Fire Protection. Having a fire sprinkler system that doesn’t work is no better than not having a system at all—both in terms of your protection and your insurance benefits!

You and your insurance carrier should be on the same page as far as how often you have your fire sprinkler inspected (remember, it should be done annually). This will help you maximize your benefits and all available discounts.

Insurance Benefits from Fire Sprinkler Installation

NFPA 25 requires many facilities to have an appropriate fire sprinkler system installed. If you don’t have one and it is required by code, you may not receive insurance at all.

If you have a fire sprinkler that is not required by local fire codes, make sure you contact your insurance provider to figure out exactly how you can make the most of your extra fire safety measures. Having a fire sprinkler system installed should help strengthen your ability to negotiate a better coverage rate.

Remember to communicate occupancy and use changes with your insurance company. For example, if you decide to convert a part of your building from manufacturing to storage, your fire protection needs would change drastically. This would also change your insurance carrier’s requirements. Remember—your fire sprinkler was installed to serve a certain purpose: to “put the wet stuff on the red stuff” and protect specific parts of your property from fire. If you change these parts, your sprinkler requirements will change.

Remember, the primary purpose of your fire sprinkler system is to keep your building safe from fires. But as an added bonus, you can often get discounts on your insurance rates for having a fire sprinkler—provided you have it frequently inspected. If you own or operate a building in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC and want to install a fire sprinkler system, or have your existing system inspected, call Guardian Fire Protection today!

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