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The History of National Pet Fire Safety Day

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Today, pets in the workplace are more common than ever. Studies have shown that pets can boost productivity and job satisfaction, create a positive culture, and reduce stress. However, welcoming pets in commercial facilities presents challenges, such as ensuring their safety during a fire.

In 2009, ADT Security and the American Kennel Club (AKC) joined forces to launch National Pet Fire Safety Day. This day is observed yearly on July 15 to raise awareness about the importance of pet safety during fires and promote preventative measures that ensure pet well-being.

How You Can Make a Difference on Pet Fire Safety Day

Here are some ways you can observe National Pet Fire Safety Day and create a pet-safe environment in your business:

  • Get educated: Ensure your staff has fire safety training, including using fire extinguishers and following evacuation plans. 
  • Invest in pet identification: Microchips and ID tags with up-to-date contact information make it easier to reunite pets with their owners in case of separation during a fire event.
  • Create a pet-proof environment: Identify and resolve fire hazards such as open flames, electrical cords, and unattended candles.
  • Create an emergency plan: If you allow pets in your facility, your emergency plan should include a strategy that protects them.
  • Hold fire drills: Regularly practicing fire drills trains your employees and pets to respond to alarms and follow evacuation routes swiftly and calmly.
  • Use window stickers: Pets commonly hide during fire events. Make sure firefighters are aware of their presence in buildings by using the ASPCA’s free pet safety pack, which includes pet rescue window and door stickers.
  • Make your business pet-friendly: Seek opportunities to boost your property’s fire protection by upgrading fire suppression systems and tools, including fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinklers.

Tips To Help Owners Prevent Fires

Pets are naturally curious and can cause accidental fires.

  • Keep pets away from your office kitchen where employees are heating up their food.
  • Only use battery-operated or flameless candles.
  • Keep pets away from heat sources such as lamps and space heaters.
  • Watch out for the pet that likes to chew and check electrical cords often.

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