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Evacuation Plans for Restaurants

As the owner of a restaurant, bar, or café, you want patrons to visit your destination for a relaxing, enjoyable time in a social atmosphere. An important part of achieving this goal is to provide comfortable seating and a captivating environment, but it doesn’t end there. You must also keep fire protection in mind. One way is to formulate an evacuation plan for your restaurant. Here’s how.

Know What to Include in Your Evacuation Plan

Every restaurant evacuation plan begins with a blueprint of the building’s layout. Using pen on paper or computer software, draw arrows on the floor plan showing the most direct route to each primary and emergency exit.

Mount Fire Exit Routes on the Wall

Have professional copies of your evacuation plan printed and framed. Then mount them in strategic locations, such as stairwells and break rooms, where the exits may not be obvious. Also, post signs near elevators instructing people to use the stairs in case of fire.

Install Exit Signs

Every door, whether it leads directly outside or to a hallway leading to an exterior door, must feature an exit sign. Emergency lighting installation from Guardian Fire Protection ensures battery-powered lights always guide the way, even in a blackout.

Keep Emergency Exits Clear

Since you rarely, if ever, use the emergency exits, it’s easy to block them. However, fire code states that all rooms in your restaurant must have two ways to exit so no one can become trapped in a fire. Exits can include exterior doors, windows, and doors leading to hallways that have an exterior door. Avoid placing furniture, boxes, and other obstacles in front of emergency exits so your guests can easily implement your evacuation plan in an emergency.

Get Help Creating Evacuation Plans for Restaurants

If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your own code-compliant evacuation plan, get the help you need from Guardian Fire Protection. We serve restaurant owners and other commercial customers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We’ll help you draw up a fire exit plan, plus perform any other fire protection services you require, including installation, inspections, testing, maintenance, repairs, and replacements of fire safety systems.

For help getting your restaurant evacuation plan underway, or to schedule other fire protection services, please contact Guardian Fire Protection today. With over 30 years of industry experience, you know we’re the fire protection experts you can trust!

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