Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System in MD, VA, & DC

Any damage to a building can be devastating, but fire damage is particularly costly and spreads quickly. Avoiding the cost of a fire can be difficult if you are not prepared. Guardian Fire Protection has served Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC for over 30 years and our number one priority is your safety.

It has been proven that installing fire sprinkler systems can reduce the amount of fire damage by 60%. We design, install, repair, and replace fire sprinkler systems for a variety of buildings. Everyone has different needs for sprinkler systems: Some need to put out fires with less water, and some need more water sprayed at once because they have an area where fire will quickly spread. We can help you set up the best sprinkler system for your building and needs.

One of the most common misunderstandings about fire sprinkler systems is that they will go off because there is smoke in the office or in response to a smoke alarm, or that they are extremely sensitive to heat. Sprinkler systems are actually set to respond to a certain heat temperature. You may worry that burnt toast will cause the sprinklers to go off and ruin expensive electrical equipment, but that is not a common problem!

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in MD, VA, & DC

One of the most common and cost-effective sprinkler systems is our wet pipe fire sprinkler system. The wet pipe system has water from the fire pump pre-charged into the pipes. Once the automatic sprinkler heads sense the heat and open up, water is instantly discharged into the area with the fire. The wet pipe sprinkler system is a standard fire protection level.

The other kinds of sprinkler systems are dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action fire sprinkler systems. The deluge and pre-action fire sprinkler systems are slight variations on the wet pipe sprinkler system, but you might be wondering, “What is the difference between wet and dry fire sprinklers?”

Wet vs. Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

As stated earlier, wet pipe fire sprinklers are the common sprinkler found in commercial spaces that have water ready to go in the pipes at all times. They instantly spray water once the sprinkler opens from the temperature rising.

Dry pipe fire sprinklers are not very common, but they’re great for spaces where the water can freeze in the pipes. Those who live in places where it gets really cold and have sprinklers in an area without regulated heat would do well with dry pipe sprinkler systems. These systems have pressurized air in the pipes, which keep the water valve closed. Once the sprinkler heads open, the air rushes out and the water is released from the valve to pour out of the head. Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems have a slight delay in water release compared to wet pipe, and they’re more expensive, but they are reliable in areas like parking garages, unheated buildings, and refrigerated coolers.

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