ABC Fire Extinguishers

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ABC fire extinguishers use a chemical called monoammonium phosphate to put out most common fires that occur in homes and offices.

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How ABC Fire Extinguishers Work

Class A –The chemical in ABC fire extinguishers melts at about 350F, blanketing Class A fires (normal combustibles like wood and paper) and smothering them. This makes them highly effective against ordinary fires caused by burning wood, paper, plastic, etc.

Class B – ABC fire extinguishers put out Class B fires (flammable liquids)by breaking up the chain reaction involved in the fire. With an ABC fire extinguisher, there is very little risk of spreading the fire around – this makes them quite safe to use.

Class C – ABC fire extinguishers are electrically non-conductive, making them safe for Class C fires (electrical).

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Using ABC Fire Extinguishers

ABC fire extinguishers must be cleaned up immediately after the affected area has been declared safe by the fire department. Monoammonium phosphate is a yellow powder that leaves a sticky, corrosive residue that can be damaging to computers and other electrical appliances.

ABC fire extinguishers are the most common type of fire extinguishers, suitable for most standard environments, including but not limited to:

  • Homes
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores

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