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The Benefits of LED Emergency Lighting

You already know how important emergency lighting is to your building—it’s the safest way to maintain order and help people escape during an emergency situation. But not all emergency lights are created equal! While incandescent and fluorescent lights are still effective and popular, new advances in technology have led to LED lights becoming the top choice for emergency crews.

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Benefits of LED lights include:


Have you ever noticed how hot incandescent light bulbs get when they burn? Almost all the energy they produce goes to heat, which isn’t very efficient! Worse yet, the filament that incandescent bulbs burn to create light wears out very quickly, resulting in lights that need to be replaced regularly. LED lights don’t rely on burning a filament, so there is no need to worry about heat or wear and tear. In fact, using LED lights often results in energy savings of 30 percent compared to normal bulbs.

LED lights function in much the same way as incandescent bulbs, but they are thinner and lighter, making them more efficient and economical. LED lights are highly robust, have excellent low temperature performance, and are easily digitally controlled.

This form of lighting is also space-efficient. The light can be much more focused to its exact purpose, leading to significant savings over the installation’s life. Best of all, LED lights rely on their own dedicated optics, drivers, and fittings, allowing for sleek, unobtrusive luminaire designs.


Since LED lights don’t rely on a burning filament to generate light, they can last much longer than incandescent light bulbs—as many as 50,000 hours or more. LED lights have been used to power exit signs for several years now, with technology continuing to progress and costs continuing to decrease.


LED lights are much brighter than other kinds of lights—in fact, they’re some of the brightest types of bulbs available! They usually do have to be clustered in order to maximize their effectiveness, which slightly cuts their efficiency. Even so, their brightness is unparalleled, and they can easily be seen from maximum viewing distances. Simply put, LED lights are the best way to point out modes of egress so people can evacuate your building safely in the event of an emergency.

LED Lighting Maintenance in MD, VA & DC

Maintenance is critical to ensuring your emergency lights are up to date and working properly. And while LED lights aren’t exempt from routine maintenance, their exceptionally long life makes them much less likely to need replacing. LED emergency lights, like all emergency lighting, should be tested annually. The main things that should be tested are the batteries and luminaires.

If you need LED emergency lighting inspection in your building, or if you’re currently using incandescent lights and want to upgrade to a brighter, longer lasting, and more efficient system, call Guardian Fire Protection today. We can provide all the LED emergency lighting services you need and help with any other aspects of fire protection, including:

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