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Commercial Industries We Serve

Even with the most stringent construction methods, the safest equipment, and the best training, fire is a constant threat for any commercial facility. At Guardian Fire Protection, we are committed to reducing that risk and protecting your personnel and property using proven, cost-effective techniques.

We offer comprehensive fire protection and life safety services throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC area. We install and service fire alarms, fire sprinklers, suppression systems, and more, and with over 40 years of experience, we are well-equipped to handle all your fire protection needs.

Are you concerned about the safety of your business in Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington, DC area? Protect it from fires and other emergencies with help from Guardian Fire Protection. Call (301) 861-0972 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

The Industries & Organizations We Serve

As a leading fire protection contractor in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC area, the Guardian Fire Protection team has extensive experience serving all types of institutions.

We offer complete commercial fire protection service and 24/7 emergency service for the following industries:

  • Property management Protecting the property of your clients is essential for any property management company. Our fire alarm solutions can provide 24/7 remote monitoring, and in conjunction with our fire sprinkler systems, suppression systems, and more, your clients can enjoy the security of a well-rounded fire protection solution.
  • Hospitality Hotels, bars, and restaurants need robust protection for their guests in the event of a fire. This should include early warnings from a fire alarm system, kitchen fire suppression systems to stop fires at their source, fire sprinklers to limit the spread, and emergency lighting to help with a smooth evacuation.
  • Automotive – For automobile manufacturers and repair facilities, the combination of fuel, ignition sources, and flammable materials can lead to a dangerous situation. Keep your facility protected with a fire alarm and monitoring solution, industrial hood suppression systems to eliminate flammable vapors, and the appropriate fire extinguishers for the chemicals at your facility.
  • Educational institutions Schools, colleges, and universities need to be prepared for fires, accidents, and plenty of false alarms. Be ready with a comprehensive fire alarm solution, remote monitoring services, fire sprinklers, and emergency lighting for a safe and orderly evacuation.
  • Religious organizations Fires can spread quickly in churches and other religious institutions. To keep your churchgoers safe, invest in a quality fire alarm system, plenty of fire extinguishers, and a fire sprinkler system as the budget allows.
  • Health care Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers need time to evacuate safely in the event of a fire. A robust alarm system is necessary to provide an early warning, as well as sprinkler systems to contain the fire and emergency lighting to guide patients to safety.
  • Assisted living Protecting vulnerable patients is the first priority for any assisted living or elder care facility during a fire. This requires plenty of staff training, a comprehensive fire alarm system for immediate warnings during an emergency, and bright emergency lighting for a safe and organized evacuation.

At Guardian Fire Protection, we offer a full line of services for these and many other businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC area. Contact us today or call (301) 861-0972 to learn more.

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