Victaulic Sprinklers

Guardian Fire Protection can maintain and service all types of Victaulic sprinkler systems in any type of office, commercial, or industrial building. Victaulic is the one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fire suppression systems, fire sprinklers, fire pump controllers, and other fire safety devices. Victaulic sprinklers are die-cast to ensure that each sprinkler head is of the highest possible quality.Victaulic sprinkler heads have Teflon seals and a Belleville design to provide reliable performance when you need it most. In addition, all Victaulic sprinklers are designed to accept a hex-head wrench for easy installation. If you need inspection or maintenance on your Victaulic sprinkler system, call Guardian Fire Protection today!

Victaulic FireLock Automatic Sprinkler Heads

Victaulic FireLock sprinklers are among the most versatile fire sprinklers in the Victaulic fire suppression product line. They are available in pendent, upright, and sidewall versions and can accommodate almost any pressure and coverage requirements. Victaulic FireLock sprinkler heads can be installed using the Victaulic Pressfit system, which allows new Victaulic sprinkler heads to be easily added into any existing fire sprinkler system. The Victaulic FireLock sprinkler can be designed for any office style and is available in a variety of coatings with matching escutcheons, canopies, and wall plates. With Victaulic fire sprinklers you get ease of installation, years of dependable service, and most importantly, peace of mind.

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Victaulic LP-46 Low Pressure Storage Sprinkler System

A standard-response pendent sprinkler, the Victaulic LP-46 sprinkler is created to contain fires in rack-row storage units without the need for in-rack sprinklers. The pressure requirements for the Victaulic LP-46 sprinkler are low enough to operate without the need for a fire pump. The LP-46 Victaulic sprinkler can save labor and material costs as well by decreasing the system’s pipe size needs.

Victaulic V2502 Specific Application Sprinkler System

The Victaulic V2502 fire sprinkler system is a quick-response, specific application fire sprinkler designed for light hazard combustible and non-combustible concealed spaces that require fire sprinkler protection. The V2502 Victaulic sprinkler system is UL listed for use with wet or dry pipe systems and has a temperature rating of 175oF.

There are dozens of different Victaulic sprinkler head designs and styles to integrate into any retrofit or new installation to provide maximum fire safety while keeping aesthetic and construction needs in mind.For nearly a century, Victaulic has been the most trusted name in fire sprinkler systems around the world. At Guardian Fire Protection, we are the experts on Victaulic sprinklers and can service and maintain them in your Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia building. If you need inspection or service for a Victaulic sprinkler system, call Guardian Fire Protection today!