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Quick Response Fire Sprinkler Heads

Do you know what kind of sprinkler heads your building in Maryland, Virginia, or DC needs? One of the two main types of sprinkler is a quick response sprinkler head. As the name suggests, quick response (QR) fire sprinkler heads are fast—but what exactly makes them fast and why does it matter? In fire suppression, speed is everything. QR sprinklers heads aren’t necessarily superior to standard response sprinklers, but they are the perfect option for environments that suit their attributes.

Guardian Fire Protection is here for your sprinkler needs and beyond. With over 30 years of experience serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, we offer expert services to keep you and your employees as safe as possible. If you need a fire sprinkler system installed or need to enhance your fire protection plan in any way, contact us today!

How Do Quick Response Fire Sprinklers Work?

Fire sprinklers are activated by the convective heat transfer from fire. Quick response fire sprinklers have particularly high thermal sensitivity, which is the rate at which the sprinkler senses and responds to the onset of heat from flames. QR sprinklers have a smaller glass bulb than standard response sprinklers, which enables this increased thermal sensitivity.

Quick response sprinklers discharge water from the ceiling, working to suppress the fire from above to keep it from climbing. Their location also helps to keep the ceiling cooler, effectively reducing the likelihood of flashover, which results from the build-up of radiation and causes the room to be suddenly engulfed in flames. QR sprinkler’s method of slowing fire spread, coupled with their higher discharge pattern, increases the rate of survival for those evacuating.

Who Should Use Quick Response Fire Sprinklers?

Many assume that due to their speedy response time, quick response fire sprinklers are automatically the superior choice for a sprinkler. While they are very effective at stopping the spread of fire, QR sprinklers aren’t the universally best choice. QR sprinklers are best-suited for light hazard environments, such as schools or office buildings. Because of their ceiling-cooling properties, they perform best in taller buildings with more concentrated service areas.

What sprinkler you install not only depends on your environment, but also your building occupancy, ambient room temperature, local regulations, and NFPA guidelines. If you are looking for replacement sprinklers, it is considered best practice to match your old sprinkler’s type with your new sprinkler(s). You can tell the response type, model, temperature, and listing by looking at the sprinkler head.

Professional Fire Sprinkler Installation

Looking for sprinkler head replacement, or need a full fire sprinkler system installed? The Guardian Fire Protection team is your one-stop call for all things fire protection. We have over 40 years of experience helping Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC businesses outfit their buildings with fire sprinklers and implement fire suppression plans to ensure the safety of you and your valued employees. Fill out our contact form or give us a call today at (301) 861-0972!

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