Amerex Fire Extinguishers

A global leader in portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, Amerex manufactures high quality fire extinguishers for every purpose. When you install fire extinguishers from Amerex, you know you are giving the people in your building the most reliable fire protection they can get. If you’re looking to install fire extinguishers Amerex in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, call Guardian Fire Protection today!

Install Fire Extinguishers from Amerex

Amerex manufactures a huge line of portable fire extinguishers, including:

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Amerex Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguishers

  • ABC Multi-Purpose Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Carbon Dioxide Stored Pressure Extinguishers
  • Class D Stored Pressure Dry Powder Extinguisher
  • Regular Dry Chemical Stored Pressure Sodium Bicarbonate Extinguishers
  • High Performance Dry Chemical
  • Purple K Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Water & Foam Stored Pressure Extinguishers
  • Water Mist Stored Pressure “C” Rated Water Extinguishers – MRI Compatible
  • Wet Chemical Stored Pressure Class “K” Kitchen Extinguishers
  • Coast Guard Approved 2½ Gallon AFFF Foam Extinguisher

Amerex Clean Agent Fire Sprinklers

  • Halon 1211 Extinguishers
  • FAA Approved Halotron I “Clean Agent” Extinguishers

Amerex Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

If you own or operate a warehouse or other large facility in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC that is at risk of large fires, you may want to install wheeled fire extinguishers to protect it – wheeled fire extinguishers can be moved around just as easily as portable fire extinguishers, but since they are on wheels they can be significantly larger, holding much greater quantities of extinguishant.

Amerex manufactures several kinds of wheeled fire extinguishers, including:

Stored Pressure Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

  • 50, 125/150 lb. Stored Pressure ABC, Regular and Purple K Dry Chemical – some of the least expensive to wheeled fire extinguishers to purchase (and the easiest to maintain), stored pressure wheeled fire extinguishers from Amerex are no less effective against fires than any other type of wheeled fire extinguisher. The chemical agent and pressure are stored in a sealed cylinder where they are protected from contamination and ready for instant activation, and the narrow width and easy rolling, semi-pneumatic rubber tires allow for easy maneuverability by one person.
  • High Performance 125/250 lb. Stored Pressure ABC, regular, Purple K Dry Chemical – with a vastly improved flow rate and vertical and horizontal range, the Amerex high performance wheeled fire extinguishers offer extremely high fire killing ability and operator protection.

Nitrogen Cylinder Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

  • 125/150, 300/350 lb. Direct Pressure ABC, REGULAR, PURPLE K Dry Chemical – with a 23 cubic ft nitrogen cylinder (55 cubic ft on the 300/350 lb model) and quick opening valve, the Amerex direct pressure nitrogen cylinder wheeled fire extinguishers are some of the most effective fire extinguishers for high hazard areas. 36”x6” steel wheels allow a single operator to move this fire extinguisher even on sandy or soft soil. This fire extinguisher also includes stainless steel collars, chrome plated brass cap, brass fittings, live swivels and bi-lingual labels.
  • 125/150 lb. Regulated Pressure ABC, REGULAR, PURPLE K Dry Chemical – this fire extinguisher has a 110 cubic ft nitrogen cylinder that provides adequate blowing pressure for a smooth discharge of the chemical extinguishant, with reserve pressure for blowing all of the extinguishant through the hose. It also comes with either 16” semi-pneumatic rubber tire or 36” X 2 1/2” steel wheels, making it easy to transport and operate by one person. Exclusive features: Stainless steel collars, chrome plated brass cap, brass fittings, live swivels and bi-lingual labels.

If you want to install Amerex fire extinguishers in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC building, call Guardian Fire Protection today!