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Types of Sprinkler Tests

Having a variety of fire protection systems is crucial for keeping your building as safe as possible. But it can be a challenge keeping up with the inspection and maintenance schedules for each system!

Fire Pump Flow Test

A fire pump flow test is arguably the most important test you should have for your fire sprinkler system. Our fire sprinkler inspections cover everything from visual examinations of sprinkler heads to pump exercising and flow testing to FDC connections and cap installations.

Fire sprinkler inspections and fire pump flow tests are required annually.

Standpipe Flow Tests

Standpipes—the vertical piping that connects fire sprinkler systems and hose stations between multiple floors—are common in the stairwells of high-rise buildings and ensure you don’t lose pressure when your fire sprinkler systems are going off. A standpipe test verifies the water supply, sump and piping at the highest point of the system.

Per the NFPA, standpipe flow tests should be held every five years.

Fire Hydrant Flow Tests

A fire hydrant flow test starts by opening your fire hydrant fully and letting it flow for at least a full minute. This clears all foreign material out of the fire hydrant and lets it run as smoothly as possible. After stopping the flow, we observe the fire hydrant and make sure it drains properly. Finally, we lubricate all fire hydrant stems, threads and caps to make sure they are in proper operating condition and will be easily accessible to the fire department.

Fire hydrant testing is required annually.

Fire Sprinkler Hydrotests

A fire sprinkler hydro-test will verify the integrity of your fire sprinkler systems, making sure the pipes have no cracks or leaks that can cause your system to malfunction when you need it most. If it turns out we need to repair your fire sprinkler, that’s no problem! We also provide fire sprinkler repair in Maryland.

Antifreeze System Tests

Many fire sprinklers now use an antifreeze solution to protect against the possibility of a system freeze-up or bursting pipes. Sprinkler systems should be tested to ensure there is not too high or too low a concentration of antifreeze solution and to make sure the system is not connected to a potable water source.

Antifreeze systems need to be tested annually.

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