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Important Kitchen Fire Suppression Considerations

Posted on: December 20, 2012

If you work in a commercial kitchen, whether in a hotel, restaurant, or any other food service facility, you already know about the ever present fire risk. Bustling, frenetic activity in the kitchen combined with hot oils, flames, cooking surfaces, and high-powered cooking appliances mean one wrong move could start a dangerous blaze.

Typical installation locations include:

  • Restaurants
  • School Cafeterias
  • Hospital Kitchens
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotel Kitchens
  • Banquet Facilities

But kitchen fires don’t always start dramatically. More often, a spark ignites a fire in a small appliance, or lights up grease that’s caked into narrow ductwork where no one can see it. Before long, the fire has spread through all areas of the kitchen and beyond. At Guardian Fire Protection, we want to remind business owners and restaurant managers how important it is to have a working, well-tested kitchen fire suppression system!

Kitchen Fire Suppression Considerations

When installing a kitchen fire suppression system, careful consideration must be made to identify the specific hazards present in cooking areas. Fire suppression needs have changed drastically over the years and continue to evolve—highly insulated, slow-cooking appliances, high-temperature vegetable oil, and insulated fryers are now commonplace and can make fire protection a challenging task. Fortunately, a working kitchen fire suppression system, like the Ansul R102 or the Ansul Piranha, can make your commercial kitchen a much safer place.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Design

When we design commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, the first thing we do is look at your kitchen’s layout, the cooking equipment you have installed, and any specific fire suppression needs you have. Then we work with you to determine the most effective kitchen fire suppression system, keeping those needs in mind. Remember—damage to your kitchen is one thing, but the life and safety of your staff and patrons is the priority. At Guardian Fire Protection, we have designed kitchen fire suppression systems for cafes, restaurants, fast food places, cafeterias, hotels, and hospital kitchens. We typically install one of two types of fire suppression systems – the Ansul R102, which installs directly in the hood of kitchen ductwork, and the Ansul Piranha, which is ideal for kitchens that use high-temperature oils and slow-cooking appliances.

Other Kitchen Fire Suppression Needs

Some commercial kitchens need equipment beyond a fire suppression system, including K-Class fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels. In addition, fire protection training should be provided for management and staff to ensure everyone knows how to react during a fire.

Fire protection in any building is a challenge, and in an environment as dangerous as a commercial kitchen, there’s not much room for error. At Guardian Fire Protection, we want to help everyone stay safe and keep their restaurants or commercial kitchens running smoothly.

If you need kitchen fire suppression system testing, inspection, or installation in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, click here to contact Guardian Fire Protection or call us today.

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