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Fire Protection for Virginia Government Buildings

Posted on: November 18, 2016

Every courthouse, town hall, and post office in Virginia requires fire protection to ensure the safety of employees and patrons inside. With the services available from Guardian Fire Protection, you can help protect lives and property in your government building.

Fire Protection Equipment for Government Buildings in VA

No single component is enough to provide complete fire protection. Instead, you need a combination of systems that work together to provide maximum fire protection throughout every inch of your Virginia government building. Here are the systems Guardian Fire Protection installs, inspects, monitors, maintains, and repairs:

  • Fire sprinklers: Many professionals agree that fire sprinklers are the single most effective defense against fire. After all, the system provides 24/7 protection, and with monitoring services, the fire department automatically dispatches to your building if a sprinkler head goes off. Even so, fire sprinklers are often effective enough to extinguish a blaze without human intervention.
  • Fire suppression systems: Many government buildings house historical archives or have elaborate security rooms with sensitive electronic equipment. In these instances, water can be just as damaging as fire. Foam suppression is a good choice to prevent water damage in these rooms.
  • Commercial kitchen hood systems: Your government building probably features a cafeteria or kitchen where food is prepared for employees and patrons. Even small kitchens require commercial kitchen hood systems in case of cooking fires.
  • Fire extinguishers: When used by properly trained employees, fire extinguishers are true lifesavers. You probably need multipurpose ABC fire extinguishers throughout most of your government building, plus Class K fire extinguishers in the kitchen area. We’ll help you select the proper fire extinguishers for your government building’s specific needs.
  • Fire alarms: They may not actively put out fires, but because they alert everyone in the building of an emergency, fire alarms are one of the most important components of any fire protection system. Blaring sirens and strobe lights make it obvious it’s time to exit the building.
  • Emergency lighting: Illuminated exit signs help occupants know where to go in an evacuation. Even if the power goes out, battery-operated emergency lighting guides the way.

Seek Fire Protection Services for Virginia Government Buildings

Are you searching for full-service fire protection for Virginia government buildings? Look no further than Guardian Fire Protection. No matter what services you require, we’re the fire protection experts you can trust! For more information, or to schedule services, please contact us today.


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