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Fire Protection for Virginia Buildings

Posted on: September 13, 2016

While you have plenty to worry about as a business owner in Virginia, you can’t put fire protection on the backburner. Whether your goal is to protect your building and its occupants or you want to avoid hefty non-compliance fines, Guardian Fire Protection is here to meet your needs. We offer all the fire protection services you need for safety and compliance. Take a look at the fire protection services we offer for Virginia buildings or call 301-861-0972 to learn more from one of our professionals.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems

If your property includes a commercial kitchen, this area is probably the biggest fire risk in your building. Protect it with a kitchen hood exhaust and fire suppression system from Guardian Fire Protection.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

As the first line of defense in most buildings, fire sprinklers work quickly to extinguish small blazes before they get out of hand. According to the National Fire Protection Association, your building is likely to suffer 60 percent less damage in a fire if sprinklers are installed and operational.

Fire Alarms

Strobe lights, sirens, and pull stations are vital for alerting building occupants to evacuate. Not only does a fire alarm keep your building safer, but it also helps you comply with Virginia fire codes.

Fire Suppression Systems

Ordinary water sprinklers aren’t the best way to protect delicate equipment or electronics. Instead of choosing between fire damage and water damage, install an FM-200 or foam fire suppression system in your building. These clean-agent systems extinguish fires quickly without leaving wet, sticky, or particle residue behind. The result is a thoroughly smothered fire and minimal property damage.

Fire Extinguishers

When your employees know how to use them properly, fire extinguishers are incredibly effective at limiting property damage and saving lives. Be sure to provide fire extinguisher training to all employees.

Emergency Lighting

When the power goes out, emergency lighting ensures everyone can still evacuate safely. Regular testing and inspections are needed to maintain your emergency lights.

Choose Guardian Fire Protection for Your Virginia Building’s Fire Protection

Whether you need a new sprinkler system installed, fire extinguisher refilled, or exit sign inspected, Guardian Fire Protection is here to deliver quality fire protection services. With over 30 years of experience, you know you can count on us to help you achieve optimal fire safety and code compliance in your Virginia building. Contact us online or call us at 301-861-0972 to schedule the fire protection services you need from an experienced fire safety professional.

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