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Fire Protection for Telecommunications Facilities

If you run a telecommunications facility, you cant afford to have your system go down for anything. That’s why it’s critical to have a fire suppression system in place that will quickly put down any potential catastrophes before they have a chance to do major damage. But a traditional water-based fire sprinkler system can do just as much damage as a fire itself! That’s why the best type of fire suppression system for a telecommunications facility is not a fire sprinkler, but a clean agent fire suppression system.

Why You Need a Fire Suppression System for Telecommunications Facilities

When your business runs on digital technology, service interruptions can be costly—in more ways than one! Lost transit information can lead to lost revenue or worse! Fires can  lead to reduced productivity, customer disruption, reputation damage, loss of data and records, and even lawsuits—none of which you want when you’re also dealing with a fire.

The right fire protection system you can reduce your chances of major property damage and high downtime costs.

Waterless Fire Suppression Systems for Telecomm Facilities

When your business relies on sensitive electronics, water from a traditional fire sprinkler system can do as much or more damage than the fire itself. That’s why the best type of fire protection system for telecommunications facilities is a clean agent fire suppression system.

Clean agent fire suppression systems use gases to reduce oxygen or disrupt the chemical process of a fire, extinguishing it without posing a hazard to sensitive electronic equipment. Gases also have better reach than water, and can find fires located in hidden areas such as cabinets and rack storage units.

Many different types of clean agent fire suppression systems exist to handle Class A, Class B, and Class C fires. Examples include halocarbon, halogen, FM 200, and more. Water mist fire suppression systems are also being developed that have the same protection level as water without the risk of damage.

While you can still use water-based sprinklers in some parts of your telecommunications facility, it’s best not to install them in areas defined as mission-critical or other areas where sensitive electronics exist. Clean agents are worth the initial costs and will serve your facility appropriately where water-based fire suppression systems cannot.

If you own a telecommunications facility in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC and want to keep it protected with a clean agent fire suppression system, call Guardian Fire Protection today!

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