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Fire Protection for Schools in Maryland

Posted on: March 1, 2017

Operating a daycare center, grade school, or university means you’re responsible for the safety of your students, teachers, and staff. Is your building up-to-code? If you’re not sure, take the time to learn about fire risks in Maryland school buildings and how to mitigate them.

What Causes School Building Fires?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), about 5,690 educational building fires break out each year, causing 85 injuries and $92 million in property damage.

Grade school fires are the most common, with 4,000 blazes igniting in these buildings annually. Arson accounts for half of all school fires, and cooking equipment and accidental ignition from playing with heat sources are two other leading fire risks.

Fire Protection Equipment for Schools in Maryland

The first proven way to keep your Maryland school safe from fire is to install fire protection equipment. Every school should feature the following systems:

  • Fire extinguishers: When your teachers and staff have the ability to put out small blazes, the chance for property damage and loss of life drops dramatically.
  • Fire alarms: Detecting and alerting everyone in the school of a fire promotes a safe, timely evacuation.
  • Emergency lighting: Fires often cause power outages, but lights and signs with battery backups guide the way.
  • Sprinkler systems: Schools equipped with sprinklers experience a 62 percent decrease in property damage from fires.

Fire Safety Protocols Your School Should Implement

Having the correct fire protection equipment in place is a significant step toward improving fire safety. Now, go one step further and train your teachers and staff in the following fire safety protocols:

  • Where fire extinguishers are located and how to use them
  • Where pull stations are located and when to activate them
  • How to follow the evacuation route maps posted on classroom walls and hallways
  • Why everyone should use the stairs, not the elevator, when evacuating during a fire
  • Where all building exits are located and the importance of keeping emergency exits clear
  • Fire drill procedures, including watching over students and taking roll

Protect Your Maryland School from Fire

When you need fire protection systems installed or inspected, repaired or replaced, Guardian Fire Protection is the best company for the job. You know you can trust our team because we have over 30 years of fire protection experience to draw from.

Contact us online or call 301-861-0972 today to schedule fire protection services for schools in Maryland.

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