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Fire Protection Services for Maryland Government Buildings

Posted on: November 28, 2016

Whether you run a local post office, library, or other government building in Maryland, you have the important job of keeping your employees and patrons safe from fire. Fortunately, with services from Guardian Fire Protection and the right fire mitigation techniques, you can help prevent loss of life and property damage from fire.

Fire Protection for Maryland Government Buildings

  • Fire sprinklers: Ideal for suppressing small fires shortly after ignition, sprinkler systems can prevent substantial damage until the fire department arrives. Often, fire sprinklers are so effective that they extinguish fires completely without human intervention.
  • Fire suppression: For the computer room or historical archive section of your Maryland government building, foam fire suppression is a better choice than water for extinguishing flames.
  • Commercial kitchen hood systems: Chances are your government building features a cafeteria or kitchen area to prepare food for employees. Local fire code requires an automatic fire suppression system here in case of cooking fires.
  • Fire extinguishers: Put firefighting power in your employees’ hands to help save lives and reduce property damage. We can help you select and install the proper fire extinguishers for your government building.
  • Fire alarms: When the alarm sounds, everyone knows it’s necessary to evacuate the building.
  • Emergency lighting: Even if the lights go out, battery-powered exit signs guide the way, allowing for timely evacuations.

At Guardian Fire Protection, not only do we install the fire protection equipment listed here, but we also inspect, monitor, maintain, repair, and replace systems as needed.

Other Ways to Mitigate Fire Risk

  • Control potential ignition sources: This means properly installing electrical wiring, maintaining your appliances yearly, prohibiting indoor smoking, and storing combustibles safely.
  • Train your staff: Make sure all your employees take fire mitigation seriously. This means never lighting a flame indoors, keeping the hallways clear in case an evacuation is necessary, and learning how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Establish an evacuation route: All public buildings must have evacuation routes posted on the walls for code compliance. These escape routes help everyone exit the building in an orderly fashion.

Guardian Fire Protection Services for Maryland Government Buildings

Guardian Fire Protection provides full-service fire protection for Maryland government buildings and other commercial properties across the state. Whether you need fire sprinkler installation, fire extinguisher recharge, or ongoing suppression system maintenance, choose Guardian Fire Protection as your fire protection expert. For more information, or to schedule services, please contact us today!


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