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Fire Protection for Healthcare Facilities

If you operate a hospital or healthcare facility, you know how important it is to make sure your patients and staff are kept safe from fires at all times. But implementing quality fire safety initiatives in healthcare facilities can be a huge challenge—not only must you make considerations for an array of delicate equipment, but you also need to deal with the twists and turns of constantly changing codes and standards.

Increasing complexity in medical safety and capital budgets leads to these fluctuations and makes healthcare facilities some of the most complicated building projects for fire protection systems and overall life safety building operations.

In modern hospital buildings, new fire detection and fire suppression systems are being installed, including the Sapphire Suppression System. The Sapphire was designed as a replacement for Halon fire suppression systems, chosen for its reliability and effectiveness. In addition, many healthcare facilities use double interlocked pre-action systems to protect sensitive, expensive diagnostic equipment such as MRIs.

Fire Protection Tips for Hospitals

There are a number of other fire protection tips healthcare facilities should follow:

  • Complete-area smoke detectors are more effective for smoke control and typically work better than dampers and duct detectors for high-rise facilities. Dampers may still be required, however, so check your local codes.
  • Because hospitals and other healthcare facilities tend to be focused on compartment designs, it’s critical that your fire protection systems are carefully and logically planned. Primary focus should be concentrated on the most heavily populated areas, as not all sections of the hospital will need to be evacuated during most emergencies.
  • Sustainability, energy, and national standards for HVAC, fire protection, and electrical design need to be considered because hospital safety needs to stay current. The technologies and requirements in hospital environments change constantly. This is why codes and standards are very detailed to provide proper guidance for the design and construction of life safety and fire safety systems.

If you operate a healthcare facility in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC and want to install a fire protection system, call Guardian Fire Protection today. We work hard to keep up to date on all the latest fire protection technology and can design a system that meets your exact needs.

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