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Fire Protection for Shopping Malls in Maryland

If you’re the manager for one of Maryland’s shopping malls, your daily focus might be on customer satisfaction and maintaining a strong bottom line. However, it’s also essential to focus on fire safety.

Whether you’re helping to build a new mall, renovate an existing shopping center, or keep your successful mall going strong, you could benefit from fire protection services from Guardian Fire Protection. We have over 40 years of experience helping Maryland shopping malls and other businesses stay safe and code compliant.

Fire Protection Services for Maryland Malls

Just what type of fire protection does a mall require to keep customers, employees, and merchandise safe? Here’s a look at the services you’re most likely to need:

Fire Sprinkler Services

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) praises fire sprinklers for their ability to decrease fire damage by 60 percent. When a fire starts at night and no one’s around, vigilant fire sprinklers make an even bigger difference.

Do you have fire sprinklers at your Maryland shopping mall? If you need them installed during construction or as a retrofit, we have you covered. We can also inspect, maintain, and repair your sprinklers to keep them in top working order.

Fire Alarm Services

Shopping malls are very large, meaning a fire could start in one area without shoppers on the other side of the mall having any idea there’s an emergency. With its smoke detectors, your fire alarm can detect a low smoldering fire while it’s still small, sounding the alarm and giving shoppers plenty of time to evacuate. Monitored systems also alert the fire department. There’s no other way to get a faster response time!

Fire Extinguisher Services

When used properly, a fire extinguisher can prevent a small, contained fire from growing into a real threat. For shopping malls in Maryland, ABC fire extinguishers work in most areas. Of course, kitchens in the food court need Class K fire extinguishers on hand to manage cooking fires if they break out.

Emergency Lighting Services

Under normal conditions, shopping malls are well lit. However, if a fire or other emergency causes a power outage, chaos could ensue. Prevent panic with emergency exit lights featuring backup battery systems. This way, they stay lit to help shoppers evacuate quickly and safely.

Schedule Fire Protection Services for Your Maryland Shopping Mall

Tourists and locals alike can’t resist the draw of your Maryland mall. Make sure shopping is a safe experience for all by choosing Guardian Fire Protection to install, inspect, maintain, and replace your fire protection equipment as needed. No matter what services you need, we’re here for you! Contact us today to schedule fire protection services for your shopping mall in Maryland.

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