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Fire Protection for DC Government Buildings

Posted on: November 8, 2016

As the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC has more government buildings than average. From the Library of Congress to the National Archives to the US Capitol, DC government buildings require just as much fire protection as any other commercial property. Making the effort to protect against fire is vital for keeping your building and guests safe from harm.

Protect Against Fire in DC Government Buildings

The first step of protecting a building from fire is to mitigate fire risk. You can do this by managing potential ignition sources, training your employees to use fire extinguishers, and establishing evacuation routes.

Your efforts to prevent fires and ensure safe ways to escape the building make a difference, but in case a blaze still breaks out, you must be prepared with fire protection equipment. Here’s what you need:

  • Fire sprinklers: Properly installed sprinklers help prevent fire from spreading throughout your government building by offering 24/7 protection. Since only one sprinkler head activates at a time, this fire protection method minimizes property damage while still extinguishing fires quickly.
  • Fire suppression: In places where water could cause just as much harm as fire, foam fire suppression is an effective alternative. Different solutions – including FM-200, CO2, and Halon – can be customized to address special areas with delicate historical artifacts or sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Commercial kitchen hood systems: If your government building features only a small kitchen to prepare hot food for employees and patrons, fire codes require you to install a commercial kitchen hood system to extinguish cooking fires.
  • Fire extinguishers: Install and maintain ABC fire extinguishers in general use areas and Class K fire extinguishers in the kitchen.
  • Fire alarm: A blaring fire alarm is critical for alerting building occupants of an emergency. This means, even though it doesn’t actively put out the fire, an alarm system is one of the most important fire protection components in your government building.
  • Emergency lighting: Coupled with evacuation routes mounted to the wall, emergency lights guide the way to the nearest exit, ensuring everyone gets out safely.

Schedule Fire Protection Services for Government Buildings in Washington, DC

The best way to protect your DC government building against fire is to work with Guardian Fire Protection. We’re the DC area’s full-service fire protection company, offering everything from equipment installation and inspections to ongoing maintenance and fire sprinkler monitoring. For more information, or to schedule services, please contact us today!

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