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Fire Extinguisher FAQs

Posted on: February 28, 2011

How many fire extinguishers do I need in my building?

This will mainly depend on the size, layout, and hazard level of your building. In general, you want to have enough extinguishers that there is no more than 75ft of space between Class A extinguishers and no more than 50ft of space between Class B extinguishers (depending on which type your building uses).

Do I need to provide fire extinguisher training to my employees?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not require hands-on training, they do require an educational program designed to familiarize your employees with their use.

How often do I need fire extinguisher inspection?

Professional fire extinguisher inspections should be held annually.

Full hydrostatic tests are required every 12 years.

What types of fire extinguishers are required in commercial kitchens?

Class K fire extinguishers are required in commercial kitchen environments.

Knowing as much as you can about your fire extinguisher can be extremely beneficial when it comes time to use it. If you need fire extinguisher inspection or maintenance in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, call Guardian Fire Protection today!

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