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Do You Know the Basics of Proper Emergency Light Maintenance?

Posted on: August 5, 2011

One of the most basic elements of a fire protection system is proper emergency lighting. In any kind of emergency, the electricity (and therefore the lights) are most likely going to be the first things to go – and even the momentary panic from the loss of power can be enough to cause personal injury or property damage.

Not surprisingly, exit lights are heavily regulated by both OSHA and the NFPA to ensure proper operation at all times. Failure to abide by the emergency light codes, which place heavy emphasis on emergency light maintenance, can make your building much more dangerous should an emergency occur – and can lead to some pretty hefty fire code fines!

Emergency Light Maintenance Code Requirements

OSHA Code of Federal Regulation

  • All exits must have adequate and reliable emergency lighting
  • All emergency lighting must be properly maintained and fully operational at all times

NFPA 70 — National Electric Code

  • All emergency lights must meet specific illumination and performance requirements
  • All battery-powered emergency lights must meet specific functional standards

NFPA 101 — Life Safety Code

  • All emergency lights must be inspected monthly
  • All emergency lights must be tested annually

If you have an emergency lighting system installed in your Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC building and need emergency light maintenance or inspection, call Guardian Fire Protection today! We can ensure that:

  • Your lights will come on instantly during an emergency
  • Your building will always have safe, easily identifiable evacuation routes
  • You’ll experience minimal downtime and loss of productivity

We can provide you with comprehensive emergency light maintenance, inspection and testing, and we will make sure all your lights are properly tagged and that records are available for the fire department and the insurance companies.

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