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The Benefits of Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Did you know that many flammable liquids cannot be controlled or put out by a traditional sprinkler system? Believe it or not, foam fire systems are known for being able to separate fuel from the air, making them the best fire protection system for companies that handle or processes flammable liquids, including gas and oils. Instead of trying to put out a flammable liquid fire with water (which can actually help the flames grow), a foam fire system can protect industries that use flammable substances from a fire disaster.

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Advantages of a Foam Fire Suppression System

When a fire ignites, it will continue to burn as long as both oxygen and fuel are present. By separating the fuel from the air, a foam fire suppression system can effectively extinguish a fire—especially if the flammable liquids are involved. If your company handles flammable liquids such as gasoline and oils, a foam fire suppression system could be an important factor to keeping your space safe.

Aside from its ability to defuse a blaze caused by flammable liquids, installing a foam fire suppression system can be very beneficial to businesses and buildings. The main fire-fighting agent in a foam fire suppression system is Aqueous Film-Forming Foams (AFFF), which is based on a blend of fluoro-chemical surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants, and solvents. These types of agents require a very low energy input in order to generate a high-quality fire-fighting foam.

Because of this low energy input, foam fire suppression can be delivered through a number of systems, making it the advantageous choice for businesses and buildings such as:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Airports
  • Municipal fire departments
  • Refineries
  • Marine facilities
  • Jet engine test facilities
  • Manufacturing plants (especially plants that deal with flammable substances)
  • Storage facilities
  • And more

In addition to being the recommended fire suppression system for a number of businesses, a foam fire suppression system is ideal for large areas that need to be filled quickly in case of a fire emergency. Because a high-expansion foam spreads rapidly (and can expand up to 1,000 times its original size), it can swiftly cover a bigger space in need of fire suppression.

Choose the Best Foam Fire Suppression System for Your Business

The best foam for your suppression system is dependent on both your industry and the types of flammable liquids you manage. Consider the following:

  • Class B Hydrocarbons (AFFF). These are perfect for larger settings, including airports, manufacturing plants, and fire departments.
  • Class B Polar Solvents (AR-AFFF). This form of foam is best suited for hydrocarbon fuels, methanol, ethanol, and acetone.
  • Class A Foam Agents. This product effectively controls wood, paper, coal, rubber, plastics, and other combustible materials.
  • Class A, B & LNG Fire High-Expansion Foam. This foam is known as the agent of choice for flammable liquid storages, LNG facilities, and aircraft hangers alike.
  • Fluoroprotein Foam and Protein Foam. Opt for these forms of foam for refineries and petrochemical facilities.
  • TARGET-7 Vapor Suppression. This neutralizing agent lessens hazardous fumes from a spill.

Foam Fire Suppression Installation, Maintenance & Repair in MD, VA & DC

If you want to have a foam fire suppression system installed, inspected, tested, or repaired in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area, our certified and trained fire protection technicians can make sure your system is efficient, dependable, and prepared for any situation.

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